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New HOA Laws for 2022

Every year we can expect new HOA laws, just as sure as Summer and Winter come each year. As an HOA board member, it’s important to know and understand the changes in the laws and how they affect your association. Of, course you don’t need to become an attorney or go...

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What Is A Reserve Study – And Does My HOA Need One?

If you live in a community that has a Homeowners Association (HOA), chances are that you have seen or heard the phrase “Reserve Study” during board meetings. Perhaps you’ve seen the term in your HOA’s annual budget report. Maybe your neighborhood has recently levied...

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Bad Docs Could Spell “Bad News” For Your HOA

Just like one apple can spoil a barrel, the same holds true for HOA bylaws or any other governing document used to manage your association. Homeowners associations are governed by a hierarchy of documents that help manage how the overall organization functions. Common...

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Smart Ways to Save Money for your Association

Just about every homeowners association would like to save money.  The benefits would be great for the homeowners, and the HOA board. There are many practical ways to save money in your association, without going to extreme measures, like removing green space, or...

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Six Types of Difficult HOA Board Members

Difficult HOA Board Members and How to Handle Them Elected association officers are, for the most part, people who are well-regarded in the community. Unfortunately, misbehaving board members can leave other board members feeling frustrated, tired, and/or threatening...

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HOA Board Members Fiduciary Duties

Things you must know to protect your associations and be an effective board member While you may think it's a straightforward and easy gig, being an HOA board member actually carries a lot of weight and responsibility. Serving as a board member means you have the...

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Looking to Hire a Good HOA Management Company?

Maybe you are fed up with your current HOA Management company, or perhaps your association deserves better management. You may be learning the hard way that bigger is NOT always better. And just because they have always managed your HOA may not mean you’re getting the...

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HOAs vs. California Wildfires

  California is no stranger to the unfortunate dangers of wildfires. And, each year, fire season rounds the corner, taking more homes and even lives in its wake. The destruction is undoable, and plenty of lives are at stake. At the beginning of May this year,...

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