Our Clients

Why AMC?

At Association Management Concepts, Inc., we believe community is everything, which is why we strive to meet the needs of every board member, associate, homeowner, and resident. AMC has created a team of managers and staff who sincerely care about the work they do. We focus and determine our success based on the long-term health and success of the clients we serve. Our clients often say they came to us because they liked what they have heard and like what we have to offer. They tell us they stay because we deliver on our promise to get the job done right.

So just how long do our clients stay with us?


Over 21 Years


15 to 20 years


10 to 14 Years


5 to 9 years


0 to 4 years

The HOA’s we manage range in size from 8 homes to over 600 homes and include condominiums, single family homes, commercial suites, combination properties and high rises. We feel that each and every one of our clients deserves quality management regardless of the community’s size, age, location, financial condition, or the demographics of its community.

AMC has such a varied client base it comes naturally to us to provide services that are tailored to fit your association’s needs. We do not believe in ‘cookie-cutter’ management. Your association is different from all others and should be treated accordingly. Every HOA has a unique personality all of its own, which is why AMC is devoted to helping each community capitalize on the strengths and opportunities that make them who they are. As a result, AMC aspires to bring forth a better and more connected community for you.


We are conceived with one paramount idea in mind: to create and develop an association management firm which would consistently deliver premium quality services to homeowners associations throughout northern California.

Mr. Brad Higgins, AMC President

1401 El Camino Ave, Suite 200
Sacramento, California 95815

AMC also has strong relationship with one of the most professional residential property management companies in the Sacramento area, M&M Properties. They also have a property manager located in the area of the property.