The AMC Team


Brad Higgins

Mr. Higgins has been involved in homeowner association management for over 25 years, beginning at the Oihana Management Company in the Hawaiian Islands. He joined AMC as an association manager in 1991 and in 1993 was appointed to the Vice Presidency. In 2005, Mr. Higgins assumed the Presidency and continues working to improve AMC’s services.

accounting department

Chris Brown

Mr. Brown is Vice President of financial services, at AMC and is actively involved in the day-to-day operations of the company. After graduating from Chico State University, with a degree in finance, he decided to focus on financial services and never looked back. Since then he has provided financial services in many different industries such as clean energy, hospitals, and the financial industry. After spending many years in San Francisco administering hedge funds, he came back home to work for AMC.

Administrative Department

Cecia Dailey

Mrs. Dailey began with AMC in 2004 as an association manager. With a strong executive-level office background and a desire to improve the inner workings of AMC, she withdrew from portfolio association management in 2007 to become our Office Manager.

Vice President of Marketing

Dawyne L. Williams

Mr. Williams has extensive experience in marketing, sales and advertising. Having worked in the marketing and advertising area for over 15 years, in Chicago, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Prior to joining AMC Inc. he worked for KCRA-TV and CBS Radio in Sacramento. Mr. Williams joined AMC Inc in 2014 as marketing manager and was promoted to Vice President in 2017.


Our goal here at AMC has always been – and will always be – to develop, deliver, and maintain an association management team that will consistently deliver exceptional service to our clients and community.

Our AMC Team Members

Association Management Team

Brad Higgins, President, CCAM
Scott Bland, CCAM
Larry Brown
Maria de Sousa
Jennifer Fontana, CMCA
Daniel Hughes, CMCA
Barbara Lemaster
Chris Peters, CCAM
Steve Raya
Kathy Stebanski
Steve Wright

Financial Services Team
Chris Brown, Vice President
Amanda Konopasek
Jeremy Worthington

Administrative Team
Cecia Dailey, Office Manager
Crystal Gladney
Teresa Isom
Quira Overton
Cheri Romero
Amber Vargas, Customer Service

Marketing Department
Dawyne Williams, Vice President


We are conceived with one paramount idea in mind: to create and develop an association management firm which would consistently deliver premium quality services to homeowners associations throughout northern California.

Mr. Brad Higgins, AMC President

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AMC also has strong relationship with one of the most professional residential property management companies in the Sacramento area, M&M Properties. They also have a property manager located in the area of the property.