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Useful Links

The following links are included on our website with the hope that you will visit and take advantage of the programs and services that are offered:
Community Associations Institute provides education, tools and resources to people who govern and manage homeowners associations, condominiums and other planned communities. CAI’s mission is to help make your community a better—even preferred—place to call home.
The mission of ECHO is to advance the concept, interests and needs of homeowner associations through education and related services to board members, homeowner members, government officials and the professionals in the industry. ECHO hosts a variety of educational classes and seminars that assist California homeowners associations in creating and maintaining a better community.
CACM heightens the professionalism and success of California community association managers by promoting higher standards of practice and ethical behavior. CACM is the leading resource for California-specific education, events, activities, products, services and networking opportunities to help managers and management companies achieve excellence.
CSLB check to make sure that contractor you hired to install your windows is licensed and insured by the Contractors’ License Board.
BBB visit the Better Business Bureau so you can check on that bookkeeping service you were thinking of using.
Assemblyman Lawrence Stirling drafted the Davis-Stirling Common Interest Development Act in 1985. This is a comprehensive body of law governing common interest developments. is now dedicated to educating and strengthening community associations.

Disclaimer: When visiting these sites please remember that all content therein is controlled by each individual organization. AMC does not submit to, or control any portion of these websites.